We are looking overall for urgent contributions related to COVID-19 biomarkers detection using various biosensing technologies:
  Bioelectronics (including biocomputing, bio-fuel and photovoltaic cells, and electronic noses)
  Commercial biosensors, manufacturing and markets
  DNA- and nucleic acid-based sensors and aptasensors including PCR-related ones.
  Graphene / 2DM based biosensors
  Lab-on-a-chip and multiplexed sensors
  Microfluidics and immobilisation technology
  Nanobiosensors, nanomaterials & nanoanalytical systems
  Natural & synthetic receptors (including MIPs)
  Novel transducers
  Printed biosensors and microfabrication
  Rapid methods for the detection of viruses
  Smartphone diagnostics, and mobile health
  Theranostics aspects related to virus diagnostics and therapies connection
  Other methods that might be of interest for virus detections

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