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08:50-09:00 Opening -Welcome and Introduction
09:00-09:30 KEYNOTE Commercial Scale Production of CVD Graphene and Graphene Quantum Dots Byung Hee Hong,
Seoul National University, Korea
09:30-09:50 INVITED Developing a graphene industry Amaia Zurutuza,
Graphenea, Spain
09:50-10:05 INVITED From labs to pilot lines : Graphene and related materials device fabrication solutions Ravi Sundaram,
Oxford Instruments, UK
10:05-10:30 FlashPoster Session 1 (X5)
10:05-10:10 Cost efficient washing and purification process for graphene oxide manufacturing at industrial scale Erik Khranovskyy,
10:10-10:15 Functionalized Few-Layer-Graphenes: High Quality and Outstanding Processability without Compromises Martin R. Lohe,
Sixonia Tech GmbH, Germany
10:15-10:20 Direct growth of graphene on MoS2: Towards Van der Waals heterostructures Roberto Muñoz,
Materials Science Institute of Madrid, Spain
10:20-10:25 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy as a Real-time Quality-assessment Tool for Industrial Graphene Synthesis Dong Jin Kim,
Seoul National University, South Korea
10:25-10:30 Graphene Wafer Scale Integration Sha Li,
AMO GmbH, Germany
10:30-10:50 Break
10:50-11:20 KEYNOTE Synthesis, properties and applications of free-standing monolayer amorphous carbon & nanoporous graphene foam Barbaros Ozyilmaz,
NUS, Singapore
11:20-11:50 KEYNOTE Liquid phase production of 2D crystals for energy applications Francesco Bonaccorso,
BeDimensional, Italy
11:50-12:10 INVITED Graphene Application in Energy Storage Siva Böhm,
The Royal Society Industry Fellow, UK
12:10-13:00 ePoster Session
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-14:30 KEYNOTE A robust graphene platform for biorecognition Mar Garcia Hernandez,
14:30-14:50 INVITED Derivatives of Graphene Oxide for different target applications Rune Wendelbo,
Abalonyx, Norway
14:50-15:10 INVITED Correlated TERS, TEPL, & SPM measurements of 2D Materials Marc Chaigneau,
15:10-15:30 FlashPoster Session 2 (X4)
15:10-15:15 Laser Processing optimization for 2D materials-perovskite solar modules Stefano Razza,
C.H.O.S.E., University Of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
15:15-15:20 Water Filtration with Carbon Nanomembranes Albert Schnieders,
CNM Technologies GmbH, Germany
15:20-15:25 Revealing supramolecular interactions in graphene-chitosan composites Julio Chacon,
Yachay Tech University, Ecuador
15:25-15:30 Disordered Graphene Materials: Atomistic Characterization and Performances Aleandro Antidormi,
ICN2, Catalan Institute of NanoScience and Nanotechnology, Spain
15:30-15:50 Break
15:50-16:20 KEYNOTE Transparent image sensor for eye-tracking and nanophotonic infrared photodetectors Frank Koppens,
ICFO, Spain
16:20-16:40 INVITED Flexible monolayer Graphene-on-Insulator for biomedical applications Vincent Bouchiat,
Grapheal, France
16:40-17:10 KEYNOTE Perspectives of applications of 2D materials: Moore’s and beyond CMOS view Paolo Bondavalli,
Thales Research & Technology, France
17:10-17:25 INVITED Challenges and progress in two-dimensional materials for industrial applications Luigi Colombo,
The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
17:25-17:40 INVITED Challenges and progress in two-dimensional materials for industrial applications Archana Venugopal,
Texas Instruments, USA
17:40-18:30 Round Table
18:30 Closing

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