AMO GmbH is a German high-tech company that acts as a pathfinder for new technologies and as fabrication-service provider in the field of nanotechnology since more than 20 years.

AMO operates a state-of-the-art clean room with advanced nanostructuring capabilities (UV- Nanoimprint, E-Beam lithography, Interference Lithography), offering research and fabrication services that go from proof-of-concept demonstrators to final technological solutions. Main fields of expertise are nanoelectronics, photonics, sensor technology, as well as graphene and other two-dimensional materials.


Online conference sponsorship is an effective platform to build relationships, to generate brand awareness and engage the participants. A number of sponsorship options will be available, including placement of your logo and advertising material in the conference WEB site or online abstracts booklet to name a few.
Sponsorship opportunities are designed to meet your business development goals and objectives. "Virtual Graphene2021" offers a tremendous opportunity to market to one of the current largest R&D community..
By supporting "Virtual Graphene2021 " you have access to a unique network and business opportunities. Sponsorship packages will be online soon; in the meantime please contact us at

graphene2021virtual sponsoring opportunities

- Event Marketing and Emails


Opportunity to include the event sponsors’ content in the marketing email, confirmations, and event reminders. Give the sponsors the opportunity to create content that relates to the topic of the event that can be distributed in one of these email communications.


Key benefit: Continued exposure throughout the entire conference experience.

- Advertisement – Banners, Program Ads, Logo Displays (Landing or registration pages, Abstracts booklet)


Opportunity for sponsors to hang a banner, place an advert in the event program, landing or registration pages or display their logo. Sponsors will gain more exposure and opportunity for ongoing interaction with attendees.


Key benefits: The opportunity to link the ads to a sponsor landing page for further interaction / Continued exposure throughout the entire conference experience

- Speaker Session Sponsorships


Just as with an in-person event, the "Virtual Graphene2021" audience will be front and center for the keynote presentations. The speaker sessions provide several ways to add value for the event sponsors.

- Event co-branding
- Welcome Video or Live Welcome
- Sponsor Material Downloads (additional material produced by the sponsor such as case studies, white papers, and Powerpoint presentation)


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