Imaginenano2020 organisers have been closely monitoring global developments of the COVID-19 virus since the start of the year. The health and safety of our speakers, exhibitors, participants and staff being our number one priority, we decided to postpone the in-person event to 2021 but organise a 3 days online event (Imaginenano2020 Online) merging 3 conferences (nanoSpain / 3PM / graphIn).
This international online conference will present the most recent advances in fundamental research & technology developments in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N). 40 high profile talks from worldwide most influential academia/industry experts in the N&N sector will present speeches in this international event on how advanced materials will change the future of technology and impact positively our daily life in sectors such as Energy, Electronics or Biohealth.

Danny Porath
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Walt A de Heer
Georgia Tech, USA
Lorenzo Moroni
Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Uzi Landman
Georgia Tech, USA
Niek van Hulst
ICREA - ICFO , Spain
Manuel Marques
UAM, Spain
- "Thank you for organizing this successful meeting. The organize such meetings must be a new experience, and that one you could probably do without. But LIFE MUST GO ON -- only today they announced in the news, thjat Madrid is again under partial lock-down. Let's hope that it will all blow over in a few months, and we will be able to make contact as human beings, and not like some 'organic cyber-chips' "
- "It was an interesting and efficient conference for us. I’m hoping to participate in-person to Imaginano on May 2021. Thanks for this well-organized event"
- "It was very well organised, I particular liked that the session was live and the environment allowed to easily identify who was present in the audience and interact with them."
- "Thanks for organizing and inviting me to the online conference. The program was very interesting."
- "Thank you for such a nice conference that was very well organized. Thank you for all the organizers."

31 Keynote & Invited speakers confirmed

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